October 28, 2016

Buy cheap crushable wool fedora hats

We manufacture and wholeale quality wool felt fedora hats, outback crushable wool hat,ladies church hats, the texture and material are superb. 100% Wool Felt Body For Durability.xl-03a

This is a standard Trilby hat. The modern “trendy” hats are similar but they often have smaller brims and more of an extreme rear curve. You know the ones, the department stores get them in the summer and sell them dirt cheap as “retro.”

This hat’s brim curves up the back more than the pictures might lead you to believe but it still looks good and follows the more traditional style of classic trilbies. The band is a nice contrasting fabric and the DPC pin is discreet enough to not to looks silly but instead add a nice detail.

This hat can be dressy or casual. It is perfect as comfortable wearing it with a nice pair of jeans and shirt as I would with a suit and tie.

This hat is very comfortable, easily returns to it’s shape if it’s accidentally crushed, and light enough to wear in the summer. It’s not lined and lacks a real sweat band instead opting for the same elastic like material that the outer band is made of. For the price you can’t beat it.xl-02axl-04axl-05axl-06axl-07axl-08axl-09axl-10axl-11axl-12a

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